Cesare Padovani

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Cesare Padovani, a multifaceted intellectual who jazzed up the Rimini cultural life for half a century

Cesare Padovani maintains that he is Greek, even though the civil registry says that he is from the Veneto region, and that he moved to Romagna in his teen years. After graduating in Humanities, he worked as a teacher in several high schools as well as in the Urbino and Padua universities; now he is devoted to recreating his archaic memory by filling his memory gaps about his own origins, as if he wanted to dig out a forgotten identity.

Among other works, he published: “La Speranza Handicappata” (Handicapped hope), “Handicap e Sesso: Omissis” (Handicap and sex: redacted) and more recently “A partire da Ippocrate” (From Hippocrates on). He also published “Aforismi Visivi e Facce di Marmo” (Visual aphorisms and marble faces) together with Maria Giovanna Milani.