Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
According to the Italian cookie law, cookies are small text files that the websites you are visiting send to your computer (usually to your browser), where these files are stored in order to be sent back to the same websites on your next visit. When you browse a website, your computer might also receive cookies sent by other websites or web servers (“third-party cookies”); these may include elements (such as images, maps, sound files, or links to individual web pages located in different domains) featured in the website you are browsing.

How are cookies used?
We use cookies for the reasons explained below. Unfortunately, in most cases there are no standard ways to disable cookies without completely blocking the functions and features that they add to our website. Therefore, if you are not sure whether you are going to need them or not, we suggest that you should enable all cookies, should they be used to offer you services that you need. Some website features require that cookies are enabled before you can view them. To have full access to the website, these cookies cannot be disabled.

How can cookies be disabled?
You can prevent cookies from being stored in your computer by changing your browser settings (if you need guidance to do it, please check the Help section of your browser). Please remember that disabling cookies will affect the functions of this website (as well as many others). If you disable cookies, some features of this website will be disabled too.

What types of cookies do we use?

Analytics cookies
Our analytics cookies collect anonymous information to monitor how users interact with our website. These data are not linked to specific persons or accounts; they allow us to better target our online offerings and to provide you the best possible website experience.

Standard cookies
If you create your account on F.lli Pascucci 1826 snc., we use cookies to manage your log-in process and for general administrative purposes.
These cookies are normally deleted when you log out; however, some of them might be retained to remember your website preferences when you are not logged in.

When you are logged in, we use cookies to remember this information: in this way, you do not need to log in every new page you visit.

Third-party cookies
In some cases we use cookies supplied by trustworthy third parties. In the section below you will find a detailed list of the third-party cookies used by our website.

  • Google Analytics: this cookie is used to analyse visits to our website. Data are collected in aggregate form with IP address masking to better protect your privacy; to do that, we use this cookie in such a way that it does not install any profiling cookie. This service is provided by Google Inc.
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  • Google Ads: F.lli Pascucci 1826 snc. might also be using Google Ads, an advertising and remarketing tool owned by Google. This tool may allow Google Ads to advertise the F.lli Pascucci 1826 snc. website and to place tailored ads based on your visits to our website. Therefore, some pages of our website might include a “remarketing code”. With this code, your browser’s cookies are read and configured so as to show you certain advertisements based on the data of your visit to our website, such as your web browsing circuit, the pages you actually viewed, or the actions you performed in them. The resulting remarketing lists are saved to a database on Google’s servers where all IDs are stored of the cookies associated with every interest- or category-based list. The information thus collected allows Google to identify only browsers, not individual users. These cookies can be defined as third-party profiling cookies (Google Inc.).
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We use this type of monitoring cookies because it is important for us to collect statistical data about visitors to our website. We also use social media buttons and plugins that allow you to access our website through your Facebook or Google+ profiles. These might install cookies on F.lli Pascucci 1826 snc. which may then be used in combination with your profile on their own website or be included in the data they collect for several purposes, as explained in their respective privacy policies.

Would you like to know more?
We hope that this section has clarified how we use cookies; if there is anything else that you wish to know, please contact us at