Ilario Fioravanti

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A precocious designer and art lover

Ilario Fioravanti was born in Cesena in 1922 and graduated in Architecture in Florence in 1949. He is an all-around artist, one of those admirable (and increasingly rare) people who are able to mingle and fuse different art types together; indeed, he still loves experimenting with techniques as much as he appreciates craftsmanship. This is why he pursues drawing, engraving and fresco painting, along with sculpture using terracotta, bronze and marble.

The art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, a sincere admirer and close friend of Fioravanti, wrote: “Riesce ad inserire il calore della carne nella creta: diviene, essa, una specie di calco della realtà del cuore, è in sostanza la realtà del sentimento” (He can put the warmth of flesh into the clay, which becomes a sort of mould for the reality of the heart, and shapes the reality of feelings).