Roberto Papetti

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For over thirty years, Roberto Papetti has been the heart and soul of La Lucertola, an education and training centre supported by the Municipality of Ravenna

Roberto Papetti is a writer of children’s books and the coordinator of the experimental teaching and environmental education centre called “La Lucertola”, in Ravenna. He is the Dean of the “University of Toy Marbles”.

An artist and toy maker, in his life he has built thousands of toys, with which he has entertained (and still entertains) children and grown-ups alike during shows held in towns, cities, schools and child care centres.

Roberto Papetti has been a friend of our Bottega for almost ten years. He is a man of peace, a nature lover, and an enthusiast of anything in the world that can be used to entertain. With an eye to the sea, Roberto has made playing and toys his own original rule of life; with his sheer curiosity and childlike spirit, he created a museum of toys in Ravenna where children and grandparents can have fun with a smile in their heart.

He donated his artwork to our Stamperia, and we turned it into printed tops and bizarre people spinning them, marbles and kids playing on the beach, and multicoloured horses; in recent times (summer of 2014) he gave us eight drawings of old-fashioned toys, which were printed on large beach shades for the exhibition held in Cervia every August.