Vittorio Ragazzini

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A sculptor and a ceramic artist, Vittorio Ragazzini was born in Russi, near Ravenna, in 1952

In 1969 Werther Bosi, “l’indiscusso maestro dell’arte della porcellana” (the undisputed master of the art of porcelain) had the idea to start a large collection of small statues; today, this collection is carried on (with the name “Milites”) by Vittorio Ragazzini who, like his predecessor, puts all his love for details in his works. A careful and meticulous craftsman, Ragazzini has excellent dexterity and he is able to create models for any occasion, even the most special.

His little statues are made of fine porcelain produced with raw materials from Limoges; they are manufactured, finished up and decorated by hand with grand feu colours.