Vanni Spazzoli

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His figurative universe features well-defined contours and symbolically transfigured characters

Born in Forlì in 1940, he lives and works in Sant’Agata sul Santerno, in the Ravenna countryside. He started practising art towards the end of the Sixties, when he attended painter Ettore Panighi’s art studio for a long period. He first developed a solid figurative training, onto which he grafted an exquisitely pictorial tension based on the value of matter and the gestural expressiveness of the image. Already at the beginning of the Seventies he took part in important art exhibitions in his region, but soon his work began to be acknowledged and appreciated both nationally and in several European countries.

His works were displayed at Galleria Gnaccarini, as well as in national art shows (Arte Fiera in Bologna, Artissima in Turin) and international exhibitions (Barcelona, The Hague, Utrecht, Strasbourg, Ghent, Karlsruhe). In those years, the artist’s figurative universe became clearly circumscribed within intimate, unconscious territories animated by symbolically transfigured characters and beings.